Sage wine

Sage wine, in German: Salbeiwein, is considered to be a traditional remedy for indigestion, stomach trouble, flatulence, excessive sweating, inflammation in mouth and throat, as well as bad breath (halitosis). But – to be honest – it is so tasty that you can enjoy a sip with your friends, even without all the health problems named above.

All you need to prepare it are ten fresh sage leaves (big ones), 1 l of semidry white wine and 4 cl of cognac/brandy. If possible use also some sage blooms, but just a few.

Cut the leaves in thin stripes and put, together with the blooms, into the white wine. Keep it for a night in a closed bottle or another container. The next day, you need to filtrate the wine and add the cognac, since the oxidation process must be stopped. Otherwise your wine will turn into vinegar soon.

Whether used as medicine or just to enjoy, it’s better to serve it cold and drink slowly in small sips.


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