Healthy fast food in the very center of Trieste

Usually, it’s not easy to eat something fast, good and not expensive in city centers. At least, as long as we exclude places like McDonald’s. Of course, we exclude places of this sort. We are serious about food, aren’t we?

If you find yourself in the strict center of Trieste, for example on the square enjoying one of the most spectacular views in Europe (do you know any other market square facing an open sea?) – Piazza Unità d’Italia, there is a small bar you should consider if hungry.

Right behind the city hall, in one of the narrow lanes of the former Jewish ghetto, Via del Ponte, there is the ‘Piadineria La Caveja’. Piadineria is a bar or kiosk where piadina is served, that is a thin flatbread made of white flour and lard, originating in the Italian region of Romagna, to the south of Bologna.

Via del Ponte is even not displayed by Google Maps, but you shouldn’t have problems to find. If you stand in front of the city hall you will have Piazza della Borsa to the left, just a few meters from the Piazza Unità. On the same side as the city hall, there is a pass under the buildings, which is how Via del Ponte starts. Optionally, you may just leave the city hall on your right taking the Via Malcanton, which cross Via dei Rettori. Turn left into this street, as the piadineria is situated at the corner of dei Rettori and del Ponte. It is exactly the corner, where some Triestine bouquinistes sell their used books. 

‘La Caveja’ is tiny; there are only few sitting places outside. But their piadina is fresh and tasty. Thin slices of prosciutto, soft mozzarella, spicy salami, pleasantly bitter rucola or maybe sweet nutty and warm Nutella… They have around 30 different fillings, usually recommended in combinations. My favorite one is Gorgonzola and prosciutto crudo (raw prosciutto as there I also the cooked one: prosciutto cotto).

Actually, it is not the only ‘La Caveja’ in Italy since they franchise the concept, but I know only this one and it is worth of visiting. Probably the best compliment I could tell to the guys from this bar is that their piadina tastes like the one in Romagna, the genuine piadina romagnola.


7 thoughts on “Healthy fast food in the very center of Trieste

  1. I believe most of fast food/street food in the Middle East is healthy. At least, compared to McDonald’s. If you don’t eat too much of it, of course.

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