The best wild strawberry ice cream

There are two places producing an extraordinary ice cream. What they have in common is wild strawberry ice cream (only seasonally), which I truly admire! Maybe somehow to your astonishment, none of those places is in Italy, which enjoys a worldwide fame because of its gelato.

In fact, there are very few countries in the world where you can try products that contain wild strawberries. This fruit’s aroma is in no way comparable to the taste of ordinary cultivated strawberries we all know.

So, the two places are: Kavarna Cacao in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Pracownia Cukiernicza Stanisław Sarga in Kraków, Poland. Well, apart from good stuff, there are few things these places have in common.

Cacao, a coffee shop in the very center of Ljubljana (they have a branch store also in Portorož, at the Adriatic coast), is beautifully situated at the Ljubljanica riverbank, right behind the France Prešeren monument. There is incredible ice cream, but also great cakes and coffee. From one of the tables at the river, you can see the cathedral, the market and the famous Triple Bridge (Tromostovje). If you don’t feel like wild strawberry or won’t be in Ljubljana in July, I fell in love also with Sachertorte and raspberry flavors. The best proof that’s not a touristic place with low quality and high prices: it’s always full of locals! The exact address: Petkovškovo nabrežje 3, 1000 Ljubljana.

The other place is a true old-fashioned ice cream shop. There are no tables, no coffee, and no beautiful armchairs. It is just a small spot with two ladies selling ice cream in not more than 6-8 flavors, all completely natural with color and smell which you know from your grandma’s sweets and which will disappoint all those who prefer image to reality. Almost every day, you can see a long queue outside of the store – better recommendation than any commercial TV spot. How to find it? It’s just 200m from the oldest synagogue in Cracow: ul. Starowiślna 83, 31-000 Kraków.


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