Żubrówka palona – Polish creativity in vodka production

Some days ago, my neighbors brought a bottle of żubrówka palona, a new creation of the ‘żubrówka guys’ from Białystok… near to where the wisent, the European bison lives. This kind of vodka has little to do with the traditional ‘bison grass vodka’ and vodka in general. For me, it is rather strong liquor, sweet, aromatic and delicious. The producers themselves refer to the whiskey traditions and indeed the color resembles the Scottish or Irish spirits. The name ‘palona’ means as much as ‘roasted’, that’s why we could also talk about a reference to brandy. But the process of maturation in oak casks, used before for cherry liquors, makes it full of those sweetish cherry notes enriched with bitter oak aroma. This combination gives actually kind of bitter almonds taste and the first association for me was amaretto. But cherry and bitter almonds together had to make me think of another flavor: the Marasca cherry! The żubrówka palona goes pretty in the direction of maraschino. Enjoy this not too strong (34%) mix of flavors, so sweet and beautifully gold!


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