pure blueberry juice by Maero

Just a quick recommendation… When I was in a wine shop in Brondello, Piedmont, the owner added to the wines that I purchased a blueberry juice as a gift. It was a nice gesture but then even a nicer discovery. This is not a juice of the highbush blueberry originating from the North America and available in supermarkets around the world, but from of the European blueberry, called also bilberry (in Italian mirtillo), usually collected in the forests of Central Europe or the Alps. Although I grew up in a culture highly appreciating all kinds of berries, I have never tried a juice made from this species.

The juice – produced by Azienda Agricola Maero in Castellar – is a pure and biological product, with no sugar added. The latter fact makes it pretty impossible to drink it without mixing with something else, as by itself the bilberry juice is quite sour. I loved it with water and Polish rose hips syrup.

Letting aside the long list of vitamins which you can find in bilberries, this is a really refreshing all natural drink.


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