Schwarzwälder Sauermilch!

It’s a very sunny autumnal day, as beautiful as it happens all too seldom in our part of Europe. I’m sitting on a nostalgically cut bench under the columns of the Hohenheim Palace. There is the huge botanical garden and arboretum in front of me, big trees covering the horizon. Only between some of them, there are dark green hills visible. Somewhere further they become even higher and pass over into Schwarzwald. This is where the product I’m enjoying along with the view is from. Sauermilch, meant is sour milk, is something so prosaic, but I have never seen in in any supermarket of Berlin. Here in the south I discovered this simple and pure product reminding me of my childhood, exactly as they suggest on the package. What a smart marketing, which reads in my mind! If you happen to be in Central or Eastern Europe you will be probably shocked by the unending list of milk products here, many of them pure, with merely one or two ingredients. What a joy after the never disappearing salty and weird taste of Michigan’s buttermilk, ricotta or yogurt. Well, don’t miss the Sauermilch from Badenia, once you are here. It is so simple and beautiful that I fail to describe it!


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