Mussels & French fries

Last week I heard that the French eat mussels with fries. This may be obvious to all those who are constant visitors in France or French restaurants. I’m not. But I was happy to have learnt something new. Yesterday I found mussels at a good price and decided to prepare them by myself – this was the first time for me. That’s why I had to inform myself about the preparation of this yummy shellfish species. In the shop they advised me to boil them for 3 to 5 minutes.  But I also consulted the treasury of wisdom: Internet! Since as everyone I have my prejudices, I looked for ideas on Italian not German websites. Here in the North, we are not the masters of seafood preparation 🙂

So, here the results of my research: a traditional recipe from Southern Italy. I tried it out and the mussels were delicious…

I guess the video makes it possible to understand the recipe even without speaking Italian.

Obviously, I don’t post any recipe for French fries… but believe me, it is a good combination!!!


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