Is la Fée Dragée expected to make good pastry?

We live in times of industrially produced food and the very label ‘home-made’ seems to automatically rise the value of a product. It is due to the conviction that the quality follows the traditional not-industrial production process. Of course, this may be true in many cases, but there is no causal determinism per se. Home-made stuff can be disgusting too, low in quality, unhealthy and so on.

Last weekend we had our parents here. So for Sunday morning some nice breakfast out was on the schedule.  And there was that interesting café close to our place. We’ve heard the name very often, in fact always in a positive context. The very concept of the café was tempting: named after the Fée Dragée (German: Zuckerfee) from Tchaikovsky’s ballet ‘Nutcracker’, it promised fantastic sweets and pastry.

Indeed, this place proved to be very cozy and popular. In the very end, it is situated in Prenzlauer Berg, one of the liveliest parts of Berlin. I liked the original concept and the snug interior decoration. Known for its chocolates, it offers also breakfast and you can believe it is an awesome one watching the full café every Saturday and Sunday morning. On some Internet websites we found out that they prepare their bread, baguettes croissants and other pastries on their own. Well, this is the problem. The flavor could be described at best as non-existent. Unfortunately there is some taste, mainly of badly prepared, not enough backed dough. And all this you get after having waited quite a lot on breakfast, which is not too difficult to prepare. Well, as a gesture of good will, I assume they prepared it right after our order, without having some ingredients ready before.

They may offer good cakes and chocolate, I cannot judge them since I have not tried all their stuff, but backing is not their strength… or they just had a bad day.

We mentioned to the waitress that the bread, croissants and muffins do not taste particularly good. All she told us was: ‘But they are home-made’… What a logic!


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