Original Beans, Esmeraldas Milk 42% with Fleur de Sel

Let’s start with the most important message of the post: Don’t buy it! It’s not worth its price. OK, maybe it sounds slightly too definitive and aggressive. Better said: Try if you want but personally I was terribly disappointed by this chocolate.

I paid double the price of best chocolates available in a normal German supermarket and brought home this elegant and biodegradable package. The chocolate is from organic farming and allegedly won prizes like ‘Academy of Chocolate Gold’ and ‘Great Taste Gold’, both in 2011. Well, I have the impression that the stars of Turkish and Italian hotels fall from the sky. Maybe the gold prizes for chocolate too.

The product was quite unenjoyable, there was no taste of fleur de sel that I could recognize and the consistence resembled more chocolate-like products of some post-Soviet republics than real chocolate.

All I really loved about this chocolate is the refined package full of information provoking your curiosity and phantasy… at least until you open it and try the content.

Some positive message: If you like chocolate with fleur de sel, better choice will be the Slovenian version ‘Solnce’ from the famous Piranske Soline, which produce one of the best sea salt in Europe (http://www.soline.si/capacities/solnce/piran_salt).


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