Guacamole – the simpler the better

Before I went to Mexico first time I had been convinced that my guacamole with garlic, scallion and parsley is really good. Then, I discovered the whole spectrum of recipes… better ones.

There is probably no need of telling more about the guacamole itself. This traditional Mexican sauce is well-known in Europe and in the USA it’s even more present in the kitchens than here.

The recipe I’m sharing here comes from my friend from East Lansing, Michigan, who is one of the best cooks I ever met.

You will need only four ingredients: avocado, lime, tomato purée and salt, although you may add also some freshly grounded black pepper. Below some explanations:

AVOCADO: Well, without avocado it won’t work at all. I don’t have any specific sort of avocado to recommend. Whether green or violet, as far as it’s ripe it will taste good!

LIME: Use rather freshly pressed lime and not lemon juice. The taste is really different. Be careful. It’s better to taste your guacamole a few times after having added some lime and before adding more than to put too much at once and ruin the whole sauce.

TOMATO: A little bit of sieved tomatoes makes your guacamole better. Tomato adds a sweeter note to the sauce and offers a counterbalance for the sour lime juice and the salt. One or two tablespoons of tomato purée (passata) should be enough for a sauce made out of one avocado fruit. Too much tomato renders the color undefined and guacamole can lose its appetizing fresh green character.

SALT: Some salt is necessary and you can use whatever salt you have, but consider that the quality of salt can really influence the final effect. My first pick is always fleur de sel (French for flower of salt). Usually I use Slovenian solni cvet from ‘Piranske Soline’. I mentioned it already in my post from October 24. There are also many other great products like ‘Sal de Ibiza’ (Spain) or ‘Sale di Cervia’ (Italy).

Mix it all together and enjoy!

If you wish to have something healthier than nachos, also Swedish knäckebröd (crisp bread or hard bread) works well.


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