The finest Byelorussian vodka with honey and chili

Plenty of average vodkas are about a spirit, which burns your mouth and makes you quickly drunk. There is really not much to enjoy unless you mix it with some other drink that covers the unspectacular taste. But also vodka may be a very differentiated product and offer everything from undrinkable cleaning alcohol to fine quality creations.

I like especially the sorts, which are naturally aromatized, stressing the adjective ‘naturally’. A good example is Bulbash (Бульбашъ) vodka with honey and cayenne pepper. A bottle of this golden spicy and fragrant spirit with a piece of red cayenne pepper on the bottom like a ship on seabed may both brighten a party and make every conversation more vivid. It may be drunk pure and probably it should, as smooth and aromatic as it is.

Finding Bulbash outside Belarus may not be easy, unless you are for instance in Russia. Fortunately there is a similar product of more available brand from Ukraine: Nemiroff. I saw their products in many country and they are really convenient, considering the quality.


9 thoughts on “The finest Byelorussian vodka with honey and chili

  1. While I’m not a fan of vodka, your post made me want to reconsider my preferences and life choices. So I declare you responsible for my possible future alcoholism.

  2. I’m very happy, that i could have shown you this magic belarusian drink. And as far I can see you really enjoyed this 😀 But next time please don’t be so shy and drink more 😉

  3. I actually bought this bottle whilst on my recent travels to Russia… At first a billboard of Nemiroff’s honey chilli vodka got me wanting to try it as I’m a massive fan of chilli peppers.. As I unpacked my things I didn’t realise there was a little chilli pepper inside… Much like the worm in tequila, the northern hemisphere’s version seems more inviting… I cannot wait to try it…. Managed to bring a bottle of Russian moonshine (Samogon) and a tiny bottle of 95% proof spirit…. Love that place….

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