Flor de Guadalupe, blanc de blancs, 2006, Château Camou, Mexico

I have just found some of my notes from the last travel to Mexico. Obviously also over there I was first of all concerned with food and wine.  As I had always believed the country to be too warm for wine production, I was extremely surprised by the fact that the southern neighbor of the USA has some good bottles to offer too. Unfortunately I didn’t wrote that time nothing about the wine itself but just noted the name of a white which enchanted me during a delicious meal in Mexico City. It was a 2006 Blanc de Blancs “Flor de Guadalupe” from the Chateau Camou in Baja California. Since the probability of finding this wine abroad is rather small, I encourage all those who visit Mexico to look carefully on the wine cards. Dear Americans, how much I envy you to have Mexico so close (don’t grin! :)).

To say more about the wine itself (as far as my memory allows for that): It’s a cuvee of Chenin Blanc (80%), Chardonnay (14%) and Sauvignon Blanc (6%). The body is quite developed like for a white since the wine spends 12 months in barrel. I guess this wine is less impressive alone than accompanying traditional Mexican food (e.g., fish and poultry dishes with spicy salsas), for which it’s really the right choice! Its harmonious and light taste offers counterbalance for rich sauces while its fruitiness seems to be strong enough to assert itself even against a good portion of pepper or cinnamon.


3 thoughts on “Flor de Guadalupe, blanc de blancs, 2006, Château Camou, Mexico

    • As I know it’s not available in Michigan, but in fact you might be right and expect it closer to the border. Who knows!
      I hope to write more in the future as there was another Mexican wine. First I need to find the notes from the journey. It was however Barbera, from the same region in Baja California 🙂

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