Serbian fast food

If you think by chance that the USA is the country of fast food, you should visit Serbia. The streets of Belgrade are filled with small bars, one opposite to the other, which serve you tasty but heavy food whenever you wish. True, this round the clock service makes Belgrade a real metropolis, at least by the criteria of Giuseppe Culicchia. He claims in his book about Turin (“Torino è casa mia”) that the first manifestation of a genuine metropolitan character of a big city is an opportunity to eat at every time with at least some minimal choice offered. So, Turin is not a metropolis, but Belgrade is, and how!

Two day ago, I visited one of many local bars for the first time after my arrival. I ordered pljescavica in bread (= pljeskavica u somunu) and French fries (= pomfrit). In fact, pljescavica in bread looks like hamburger, just bigger. By ordering that, I was already quite unhappy with my diet reduced to an orgy of fat and carbohydrates. But as soon as I discovered that the sauce is not based on yoghurt but heavy cream, my bad conscience reached a point at which I was not able to enjoy the meal any more. Soon, I guess, my pictures here won’t be appropriate any more. The first meeting with the local street food didn’t make me fall in love with it.

This however changed yesterday evening and today morning. I discovered that Serbian pizza deserves many compliments and that the same counts for crepes (= palačinke). My palačinka was filled with Nutella, banana and crumbled plazma, which is local kind of breakfast cookie (great with white coffee or hot chocolate!), and I can definitely recommend it, in Belgrade or done at home wherever you are. Just try to find plazma in some international, Balkan or Central-East European shop  🙂


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