Wine in Serbian culture: some poetry (V.Vukotić)

More on Serbian wine: This time some literary impressions. Wine, as a very traditional product in Serbia, entered the culture in many ways, for instance, becoming a motif of poems. There are plenty of beautiful texts where wine just appears or plays the main role. Here a piece of Vojislav Vukotić’s poem „Ode to Wine“ (Ода вину).

The translation may be poor, as I’m translating from one foreign language into another one, but hopefully still enjoyable.

Славите бино стално,

И кад ништа не славите,

У победи и поразу једнако.

Славите његову урођењу истину,

поступке настања и

неограниченог постојања.


Glorify wine incessantly,

Though you don’t glorify anything else,

In victory and defeat glorify it equally.

Glorify its inherent truth,

The ways of its nascence and

Eternal existence.

I guess some passionate ‘priests’ of the wine cult will understand these affirmations very well. So let’s glorify wine incessantly, by consumption and knowledge 😉

OK, I’ve decided to also add a translation into Polish:

Sławcie wino nieprzerwanie,

Choćbyście niczego nie sławili,

W zwycięstwie i porażce sławcie jednako.

Sławcie prawdę mu wrodzoną,

Drogę jego narodzin i

Nieograniczone trwanie.


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