Vranac potrkanjski 2007 by Jović Winery, Knjaževac, Serbia

The bottle I had contained wine of slightly too high acidity, but with distinguishable beautiful aroma of Vranac grapes. By its deep, almost violet color and some rose notes, it reminds me of Cagnina di Romagna, but it’s all what this East Serbian red has to do with the vino romagnolo (from the region of Romagna in Central Italy), which is so good for caldarosste (ital. for roasted chestnuts).

Jović’s Vranac appeared to me like my grandma’s garden in summer: floral fragrances, all mixed in a nectar inebriating bees.  No, they were not Mediterranean plants, rather Central European ones: foxgloves, pot marigold, violet and red vetches, sunflowers, nasturcium, matthiola, peppermint and many more. In the same garden, you find raspberry bushes heavy from sweet fruit, red and white currant, and sour cherries (so much at home in Eastern Serbia!). The producer himself adds to this list also wild sweet cherries (srb. divlja trešnja or vrapčara) and plums. The notes of wood are decent and only complementary to the dry fruitiness. Some spices are to found too: Is it clove, vanilla, some scent of paprika?

The wine should be drunk at room temperature, but remember that in the times, from which the rule comes, there was no central heating. So, some temperature slightly under 20°C will be perfect.

Jović winery is a family business and, unlike Rubin, it produces artisanal wines. They got several prizes and I’m going to try further creations of this family soon. The Vranac is from the village called Potrkanje, next to Knjaževac, and that’s why there is an adjective ‘potrkanjski’ in its name. Potrkanje is situated 250-300 meters above sea level, and is a particularly sunny part of Serbia, close to the Bulgarian border.

Here is also a link to the blog, from which the picture in the post comes from. The article is very good and I recommend you to read it too 🙂


7 thoughts on “Vranac potrkanjski 2007 by Jović Winery, Knjaževac, Serbia

  1. That sounds like my idea of a perfect garden (not that I would want to tend it, but I love being in gardens like your grandma’s). Great description! Really enjoyed this post and thanks for broadening my horizon on Serbian wines.

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