Pizza – more on fast food in Serbia

There are several good things I want to write about pizza in Belgrade. This may be useful to anybody who will visit the Serbian capital. Obviously, there is no need of describing preparation and flavors – they tend to be similar to the Italian original.

As in many other countries, you can buy here pizza by pieces. Still, pieces are here big and I mean really big. Actually, usually they mean a quarter of a whole pizza. If it’s smaller, you will pay accordingly less. And the price is almost symbolic – around 1-1,2€ apiece. Then, the quality is high, or at least it tastes like that. Good dough, nice ingredients, very often some Serbian meat specialty: kulen (pork sausage with pepperoni), pršut (similar to prosciutto) or sudžuk (dry spicy sausage, usually from beef). Here you are, big pieces, good price, great taste… and available on every corner, also at night 🙂


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