Heidi Grand’Or Florentine – the spectacular chocolate from Romania

Some short sweet recommendation. This is a great chocolate and one of my favorite ones. It’s a Romanian brand but looks like on a Swiss license. The website refers all the time to the “Läderach – chocolatier suisse”, but both Heidi’s office and the whole production process are in Romania.

The brand offers a broad range of products – only the Grand’Or collection consists of nine different flavors. I’ve tried several of them and they are all good, without any doubts, but my favorite remains the ‘Florentine’ one. The obvious reason might be my love for that mysterious crunchy layer of almond flakes in caramel. This old sweet, simple but fantastic in taste, is known under several names: in French it’s called praliné or pralinoise (Julia Child’s book offer a nice recipe), in Italian it would be croccante. But the name of the chocolate is derived from the Florentine biscuit, which is a cookie with two layers – the chocolate one on the bottom and a caramel one on the top, whereas there are nuts or dried/candid fruits in the caramel. Mmm, this reminds me of another specialty: the Jewish-Polish magagigi cookies, which are basically the same, but much bigger 🙂 But it’s a topic for another post…

So, in the tradition of the Florentine cookies, the Heidi’s product combines a very nice praliné/croccante with a high quality chocolate. I wish you poftă bună (in Romanian) or bon appetite!





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