Župa, part II: Minić Wine House (Vinska Kuća Minića), Tržac

Mr. Minić is known mostly for his Tamjanikas, traditional in style, that is, fragrant and mineral. The base Tamjanika bears the name “The Hundredth Tear” (“Stota Suza”), which is the title of a poem written by Mr. Minić’s father. This is hard for me to translate this rhythmic and rhyming text, but let me try at least to give it a try. This is the first strophe:

A hundredth tear of God’s gift

I poured in the bottle to sweeten soul

When your lips kiss the glass

You’ll know where are my vineyards.

Stotu suzu natočih u flašu

Božjim darom, da se duša sladi

Kad usne tvoje pomiluju čašu

Znaćeš gde su moji vinogradi.

There is also a Tamjanika from late harvest, in Serbian “Kasna Berba” and so is the name of the wine. It is a desert wine, spreading an intense smell of incense and basil. And finally there is also the oaked Tamjanika “Barik” (which is barrique). This will win you over with an aroma of incense too, of course. The very name “Tamjanika” comes from “tamjan”, that is, incense. But additionally to that olibanum fragrance, also vanilla notes will seduce you.

At the moment, the Minić family is working on providing their future guest with an opportunity to spend some nights in the winery, in bungalows. There would be nothing surprising about it, if not for the fact, that the bungalows are made from huge old wine barrels.


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